State of the Union

So, just a quick update for those of you who have been watching our civil war unfold.

At the moment we’re having some serious difficulty obtaining the correct muzzles (I can be overly particular about equipment choices – if we’re going to have a disaster I don’t want it to be caused by equipment failure) and so we haven’t done any serious work with the two girls together aside from their bicycling exercises.

Juno continues to be extremely uncomfortable around Fable, and targets her every chance she gets.  If I ask them to be near each other but say, on two sides of a gate, Juno’s anxiety is palpable.  Whether that anxiety is caused by the conflict between my desires and hers (I’m asking her to remain in one spot within 10′ of Fable, while Juno would prefer to scale the gate and eat her) or by an actual fear of Fable I can’t say for sure, although I’m certainly leaning toward the former.

Fable hasn’t had that same kind of response – she’s certainly distrustful of Juno, but she is far more wary than anxious.  Juno remains the aggressor (continuing to lunge at Fable through her kennel bars, etc), and the focal point of our assessments.

Other than that, not much else has changed other than Fable learning two new tricks this week.  Hopefully we’ll have some video to post soon.

In the meantime, thank you to everyone who has commented, posted or emailed us to offer advice, understanding or both.  Once we are fully and properly equipped we will proceed with trying once again to integrate what has become two separate packs.  Until then, we remain a house divided.

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2 comments on “State of the Union

  1. Darienne says:

    Not the best news, but still good to hear from you Kim. Love, the McAuleys all.

  2. Sarah says:

    Try for an array of muzzles.

    Good luck!

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