More Nature’s Variety Information

I was perusing through my loooong list of Google Alerts today when I came across this gem.

It seems that Jeff Denzen Public Relations (JDPR) has taken to the interwebz to brag about their recent successes with who else but… Nature’s Variety!

From JPDR’s website:

In early 2010, Nature’s Variety experienced a salmonella contamination in their fresh raw frozen dog food product line, presenting a threat to over 40% of their business.

JDPR aided Nature’s Variety in recovering from a crisis that had the potential to put the raw pet food company out of business. JDPR helped Nature’s Variety develop a strategy to blunt regulatory sanctioning, regain the confidence of retailers and consumers, and increase awareness of an innovative new process that would ensure the prevention of future product contamination. (emphasis added)

“Develop a strategy to blunt regulatory sanctioning.”

Does that sound like a company that is concerned about producing the highest quality product possible?  Can you trust a company that hires a PR firm to help them “blunt regulatory sanctioning” while every concerned pet owner is pushing for more regulation, stricter penalties and more transparency?

I’ll let you judge for yourself.  Want to see the case study JDPR is putting out?  You can download the .pdf here.

Pay special attention to this line under “Objectives”:

Negotiate with FDA to change product status from a mandatory recall to a voluntary withdrawal, and reduce negative brand perceptions among retailers and consumers.

Because that’s what pet owners believe will increase the safety of their furry family member’s food – voluntary withdrawals!  As if the FDA needed another reason to reduce their efficacy….


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